Sorbire ( /sorˈbiː.re/, [sɔrˈbiː.rɛ] )

Sorbire Holdings create, share, and develop ideas for the modern web.

Ongoing projects

Circara's objective is pretty simple; provide both a productive and fruitful environment that brings recruiters and employers together with those seeking a new job both nationally and internationally. We help employers and recruiters get their jobs in front of the job seekers that they want and need, for free!
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Evlear Magazine
Passionately curated articles spread over topics like Music, Cars, Rally, Lifestyle, and Festivals. Our goal has always been to give our visitors a solid platform on which to discover, share, and to connect.
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Founded in early 2020 as the disrupting source of new and interesting music from every genre as well as services, Lushtunes is a worldwide marketplace for artists and industry professionals. The Lushtunes Store offers music in digital formats and provides unique music discovery tools created for and by fans.
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Sorso is the fastest, easiest way to shorten and share a link on the web today and it is also completely free. Registered users can view performance, statistics, and much more.
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Future projects

Terra Fitness
Coming soon
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